No passwords

We don't store nor ask you to provide passwords to your storage accounts*...We are using oAuth2 authorization protocol which excludes using passwords and logins. Instead of it only temporar permissions to account are used.
All infromation required to access connected storages is stored exclusively on user computer. CloudBuckit doesn't store such information on its servers.
* except SugarSync, FTP and Mega accounts

How it works?

In order to add your account to CloudBuckit you will be redirected to appropriate provider (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc). After signing in through secure login form in you will be aksed to grant CloudBuckit permissions to use your account. You don't have to provide any credentials in CloudBuckit application and you are able to deny CloudBuckit to access your accout at any time.

Don't know how to add your cloud account? Check our video tutorials

No logs

We don't look into your folders and files nor log any of your sensitive data. CloudBuckit application logs only error information in order to solve possible issues fast. You are deciding whether you want supply log when doing support request or not.

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Safe & Secure

All cloud services* supported by CloudBuckit use strong SSL encryption.
Communication with such services is 100% safe.

* except unsecure FTP servers (on port 21)