Free: 15 days trial!
Paid plans: from 40$ / year

Brief overview

SmugMug is a paid photo-sharing website and image hosting service which allows users to upload both HD photos and videos to their personal SmugMug site. It was launched back in 2002 by by father and son Chris and Don MacAskill. They offer several features like online gallery but are mostly known prof. tools and for the facilitates of the selling of digital pictures for amateur and professional photographers. Smugmug has a rumor as a more serious photo site compared with their competitors but as there is no free plans that might be the main reason why it's much less popular than Flickr or Picasa

Box Limits:

Max file size: 50 Mb
Max resolution: 100 Megapixels
Max video duration: 20 min
Max video size: 3Gb


15 days free trial
Basic: $ 40 a year
Power: $ 60 a year